Indeco Museum

Indeco Museum


The STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM strives to source, acquire, research and exhibit some of these for future generations. Through these objects, cultures, values, lifestyles, beliefs and food habits we strive to establish their spirit.
How we wish we could bring all this to stage. Space, time, transport, people and research limit us.
With a visit to the site or any of the INDeco Hotels in person, you can experience these objects.

News paper clips

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From extreme Left: Mr.Belliappa,President,Association of British scholars (Chennai), Mr.N.Ram,Chief Editor , THE HINDU, Mr.S. Muthiah , Editor, Madras Musings and Mr. Steve Borgia, CMD, INDeco Leisure Hotels.

The British Left Behind – Museum Show


Mr.Ram Inagurating the museum show

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Victorian Cupboard

8 -victorian cupboard DSC00267

Picnic Hamper

IndEco-009273 DSC00236

The Albion Printing Press

9 - albion printing press DSC00192

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