ong ago, safe drinking water was available in abundance. Fresh water springs could be spotted at every vicinity. Eventually, as civilization grew, these springs began disappearing and thus began the process of digging Wells. Normally a Well was common to an entire village. As years went by, people dug wells in their backyards.


Soon it became important to store water for the dry seasons because wells began drying up. This paved way for the making of the first water storage containers. It was then when people started creating smaller portable containers to store water. Not only were these containers used to store drinking water for families at home, but they were also used by travelers. Various materials were used to design water containers. The famous ones were made of leather, earthenware and metal. The very first water container is this one exhibited here. Made out of wood and wrapped in coir, the water storage container, better known as “Kooja” by the Tamilians, is perhaps the first creation of water container approximately 13 hundred years back . Water stored in this container, remains cool at all times. This water container has been sourced from a family living in Tanjore. This Water Container (Kooja) is from a part of the personal antique collection of Mr. Steve Borgia and his family.