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INDeco Hotels in Tamilnadu, South India, restores heritage and transforms hospitality from mere shelter to unique experiences. INDeco hotels, not only accommodate, they inspire too. They are exclusive, unique, and affordable. Where ever the hotel… rooms are spacious, well decorated and well maintained. Food is authentic. It is a million WOWs from the very connect. The hotels are  most popular in their regions and certainly are the best. In fact, a paradise in their own right. Today, they offer some of the best hotels in their destinations and are popular around the world. INDeco Hotels Swamimalai in Kumbakkonnam near Tanjore is created out of  an 1896 village, INDeco Hotels Mamallapuram, on the beaches of Mamallapuram near Chennai is carved out of a British Camping Site from the 1800’s, and INDeco’s Lake Forest Hotel in Yercaud, a beautiful hill station near Salem in South India  transports you almost instantly to the European era.

INDeco acts as a guardian of preservation and conservation of local art, culture, heritage, vernacular architecture, ecology, lifestyle and practices. INDeco Hotels identify and employ indigenous, traditional and local crafts-persons of various forms to protect, preserve and propagate  and  offers livelihood benefits to local communities .

INDeco Leisure Hotels in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, was founded by Steve Borgia, an Indologist who has created some of the most unique Heritage hotels and concepts. He is also the current President of the Ecotourism Society of India and an executive committee member of the Indian Heritage Hotels Association. Indeco is also the winner of the Government of India’s prestigious national Tourism Award. Wherever the locations, Indeco Hotels are unique like its mission and houses “The Steve Borgia Indian Heritage Museum.” accredited by the American Association of Museum. Needless to say all Indeco Hotels in Tamil Nadu are pet friendly and extremely senior citizen friendly. Indeco Hotels, Swamimalai, the 1896 Tanjore Village, India’s only winner of the prestigious Global Eco Tourism Award, Indeco Hotels Mahabalipuram, on the shores of Mamallapuram beach and Indeco’s Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud, all form a part of INDeco’s hotel chain.

INDeco Hotels are also committed social and economic development of the rural communities.

INDeco’s mantra is to bring its guests close  to rural india… All within the framework of what the villages have, do or know. Make rural india smile.


INDECO HOTELS SWAMIMALAI, the 1896 Tanjore village in Kumbakonnam.

This unique heritage hotel, with about 80 thematic suites, instantly transports you to the previous century. It is India’s Only Winner of the Global Eco Tourism Award. INDeco hotels, Swamimalai is an ideal place to stay at while visiting destinations like Kumbakkonam, Trichy, Tanjore, Chidambaram, Chettinad, Vellankanni, the Navagraha temples in Kumbakonna and Unesco Monuments in the region. The house of the late Hindu pontiff, Sankaracharya of Kanchi is also a part of this hotel. The hotel is a confluence of leisure, heritage, health, nature, aesthetics, spirituality, fine arts and fun. The inhouse Indian Heritage Museum here is accredited by the American Association of Museums. It is not just a destination but truly a paradise by itself.

Mahabalipuram hotel

INDECO HOTELS MAHABALIPURAM, the 1820’s British Camping site.

Nestled close to the legendary Shore Temple and the popular 7th century monoliths, INDeco Hotels, Mahabalipuram is the town’s only luxury boutique hotel with all the major tourist attractions of Mamallapuram situated around the hotel. INDeco Hotels, Mahabalipuram is located 55 kms away from Chennai and is spread over the tranquil Mamallapuram beach. This charming hotel is set amidst greenery, radiates serenity and offers contemporary luxuries in a historical backdrop. INDeco Hotels, Mahabalipuram is set in an antique heritage museum, “The British Left Behind”. With close to 45 suites INDeco Hotel Mahabalipuram is true value for money and offers rich experiences.

Lake forest

INDeco’s Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud. 1800’s British Bungalow.

One of the most breathtaking realms in the world led to the inspiration of the Lake Forest Hotel which was created with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity to ecology. 4920 feet above sea level, the hotels 80 odd suites are set in the Eastlynne Farm Estate, a live coffee plantation of Ms.Henirietta Charlotte Rosario in the 1800s. Nestled amidst a beautiful lake and breathtaking forest cover. INDeco Hotels, Yercaud, is truly paradise and has been pronounced as the 6th best idea for protecting planet Earth by the Fortune magazine. The Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud’s finest, is an old world charm and located on the bunds of the Yercaud lake.

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INDecos THE STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM (SBIHM) has been establishing thematic museums since 1998 and organising Travelling Museum Shows. www.indecohotelsmuseum.blogspot.com. Museum of Tamil lifestyle, heritage, beliefs and practices at INDeco Hotels Swamimalai, the 1896 Tanjore village, near Tanjore, the seat of Tamil culture. INDeco Hotels Mahabalipuram near Chennai, the Erstwhile British Camping Site of 1820’s, houses The STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM titled “The British Raj and the Madras Presidency”. INDeco’s Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud, the 1800’s Ms. Henrietta Charlotte Rosar Villa, houses The STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM titled, “The European Settlement. The objects these museums contain can be a surprise beyond imagination.. from the first Havilland Puss Moth to land in the then Madras Presidency to a century old vessels and ventilators. They have been accredited by the American Association of Museums.



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Stay With Us


No.6/30B, Agaraharam, Thimmikudy Village, Baburajapuram Post, Kumbakonam – 612302, Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu


Near Shore Temple, Shore Temple Road, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104


Ondikadai P.O, Pagoda Point Road, Yercaud, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636602




No.6/30B, Agaraharam,
Thimmikudy Village, Baburajapuram Post,
Kumbakonam – 612302,
Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu

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