Steve Borgia Story Time

Steve Borgia Story Time

Panchavan Madevi
(King Raja Raja Chola's soulmate)

Rajendra chola builts a temple for Panchavan Madevi, the soul mate of Raja Raja Chola. It is the only temple built for a woman in India.
Steve Borgia, chairman of INDeco Hotels narrates her story..

The 17th century Mint Palace

A Historical 17th century Mint Palace, the official house of the gold coin minter of the East India company is ordered for demolition. INDeco Hotels translocates the magnificent palace for about 400 kms. The great Mint Palace is reborn.

Bronze Iconography

Wherever the temple in the word, the Deity is made by Traditional Iconographers who live all around INDeco Hotels, Swamimalai. They have the privilege of creating GODS for the WORLD. Here is a story by Steve Borgia that connects to history.

Walking Arrogance

These Kinda typical Walking Sticks that played host to the British arrogance.

Radio in South India

Radio tunes into South India immediately after World War 1.  The Signature tune and the Content created by talented South Indian Musicians and orators, makes Radio a popular medium. Here is a demonstration of a working model of the ECKTA Radio in the Radio section of the Museum at INDeco Hotels Swamimalai.